The best gadget of 2012!

Oh man! My AR.Drone 2.0 is really amazing! You have excellent control with your tablet and/or smartphone. You can film your flights with the front HD cam and the bottom VGA cam. It comes with a special bumper hull for flying inside the house and a more aerodynamic outside hull. Just remember to buy an extra battery!

Happy flying!


HTML5 Canvas

Who needs Flash or Silverlight? You only need a HTML5 compatible browser to see the HTML5 logo dancing around this post! Cool huh?!
Works in all modern browsers and even on your iPad/iPhone!

HTML5, JavaScript

iPhone 3D Photoscanner animation

My friend Wilfred asked me if I could make a simple player for the output of the iPhone 3D Photoscanner app. The result looks very cool and works on the iPad too! The sand sculpture was done by his girlfriend Edith.


WorldTopo for Windows Mobile 7

In an earlier post I have announced WorldTopo for iPhone made with the DragonFireSDK for Windows in C++.
Now I have converted this game to Windows Phone 7 in Silverlight and actually this conversion was pretty easy.
I don’t own a Windows Phone 7 so I could not test it on the device. Until now I have no plans to publish it on the Windows Marketplace and I am looking for a publisher.
The good news is that everybody can play a trail version with only level 1 in the browser!
The Windows Phone version has better sound (in Silverlight for the web there is no proper way to loop a sound sample) and smoother animations.
Have fun and please let me know what you think of it!

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My 2010 gadget top 5

This is my personal gadget top 5 for 2010! On my wish list for 2011 are: a Windows Phone 7,  the iPad 2, a new TV with 3D and internet connection and another Sonos S5!

1. Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi The gadget of the year!
2. Sonos S5 + ZoneBridge 100 In combination with the free iPad app and Spotify this is what every music and gadget lover wants!
 3. Nespresso Citiz For the real coffee experience
4. iPhone 4 Why do people buy other look-a-like smartphones anyway?
5. Peugeot Zephir Electric Pepper & Salt Mills Gadgets for the kitchen

Playing with my new iPad

This post was written on my new iPad with the WordPress app. I am the very happy owner of a 16GB iPad since last week and I like it VERY much! We are on holiday in the UK cruising around with the MINI Clubman and ofcourse I took the iPad with me. Until now we have had free WiFi in every hotel and it is really great to be able to check my email, browse my favourite websites, reading the news, watch a RTL TV program or writing a blog post…


Silverlight Wordle updated

I have update my Silverlight Wordle post and added the source code.


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iPhone Game Development in Windows

Yes it is true! With the new DragonFireSDK you can develop iPhone games in Visual Studio with C++.

The SDK is very simple and easy to learn and there are some great examples. The iPhone simulator is great and even features emulation of the accelerometer.

The DragonFireSDK is the reason why I have been busy the last weeks on coding my very own iPhone game ‘World Topo’.

World Topo is an educational game to learn topography of the world. You have to guide your plane to famous places and capitals of the world. Your aim is to unlock all 3 levels and fly as far you can before you run out of fuel…

The game features:

  • 3 levels
  • 235 differrent destinations
  • 3 auto pilots per level
  • auto save of your progress and settings


You can download a full demo with the simulator of the release candidate here:

Your comments are very much appreciated!

Have fun!

Here is a screen shot of the game with instructions:


My entry for the SilverlightShow EcoContest

“We invite you to use your Silverlight skills and imagination to design attractive, educative and informative Silverlight-based applications that help support and promote any kind of environment-friendly activities…”

OXYGENEMy entry for the SilverlightShow EcoContest is the game OXYGENE inspired by the iPhone game Blowfish. In OXYGENE you fight against the CO2 pollution by creating oxygene (O2) bubbles to overwhelm the CO2 particles.
You can play and vote for my entry here

.net, Silverlight

Silverlight Circle Twist

Silverlight Circle Twist was inspired by the cool game AlphaBetiC on my iPod Touch and the old Bros demos Circle Twist I and Circle Twist II on the Commodore 64.

Try typing your own text by clicking on the circles and then use backspace to remove the current text!
Reload the page for some different color patterns from COLOURlovers

And ofcourse you can download the code and play with it yourself. Have fun!

Oh and did you already vote for my MIX10K entry DeeperZoom? Please…

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