Random Image With Sound for your USB Panic Button

My USB Panic Button software seems to be very popular and I have got this request from Brian:

Brian :

Hello John!

I am hoping to use the USB Panic Button hack you created at a Halloween event that I’m putting on for kids. What would really make it great would be the ability for the button to select a random audio file from a particular folder each time the button is pressed. Even better would be if the picture coincided with the audio (Frankenstein photo with Frankenstein audio, Ghost jpg with a ghostly sound, etc.) Any quick fixes or batch files that would do the trick? Thanks so much!

Brian Wheeler

And therefor I have made this special add-on: RandomImageWithSound.exe
Copy this file in the Commands folder of the USB Panic Button software and select this command (…\Commands\RandomImagesWithSound.exe ..) as shown below:
RandomImageWithSound.exe ..
Simply add pictures in the Images folder and the corresponding wav files with the same name in the Sounds folder and there you go! Have fun!


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