Random Image With Sound for your USB Panic Button

My USB Panic Button software seems to be very popular and I have got this request from Brian:

Brian :

Hello John!

I am hoping to use the USB Panic Button hack you created at a Halloween event that I’m putting on for kids. What would really make it great would be the ability for the button to select a random audio file from a particular folder each time the button is pressed. Even better would be if the picture coincided with the audio (Frankenstein photo with Frankenstein audio, Ghost jpg with a ghostly sound, etc.) Any quick fixes or batch files that would do the trick? Thanks so much!

Brian Wheeler

And therefor I have made this special add-on: RandomImageWithSound.exe
Copy this file in the Commands folder of the USB Panic Button software and select this command (…\Commands\RandomImagesWithSound.exe ..) as shown below:
RandomImageWithSound.exe ..
Simply add pictures in the Images folder and the corresponding wav files with the same name in the Sounds folder and there you go! Have fun!


5 responses to Random Image With Sound for your USB Panic Button

  1. Henk Jan

    Hi John,

    DIe Panic Button blijft leuk.
    Echter als ik bijvoorbeeld “shutdown -s” intik in de command textbox, dan pakt je programma alleen shutdown en niet alles wat NA de spatie komt. Is dat handig op te lossen?


    Henk Jan

  2. admin

    Gebruik je dan ook de quotes (“”)? Dat zou wel moeten werken net zoals bij het Windows Run (Windows+R) scherm.

  3. Henk Jan

    thanks het werkt!!!
    Ik heb je EXE in opstart mapje geplaats zodat hij automtisch opstart bij Windows.
    Echter de instellingen zijn elke keer verdwenen bij opstarten, doe ik iets verkeerd?


  4. zumbhao

    Nice Addon!!!

    It is a must if you have a child!!!

    I only need a pack of photos and wavs to stat playing with!!


  5. Martina-online

    wat ik zocht, bedankt

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