Silverlight Snow Storm – Merry X-mas & Happy New Year

Here is a small demo with source code of a Silverlight Snow Storm with sticky snow.
The application displays a maximum of 1500 snow flake controls. When the maximum is reached the old snow flakes melt and are reused.
I am using Andy Beaulieu’s Improved HitTest method (again) to test if the snow flakes hit the text (converted to path).

Have fun!

Download the source code

.net, Silverlight

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  3. Very nice! Great work!

    I wonder if it might be possible to increase the amount of snowflakes (for a blizzard effect!) by implementing each flake as a UIElement each with a transform applied (the path of which gets randomized on load)instead of each flake being a control. I wonder what the difference in memory usage/overheads/performance would be like…

  4. admin

    Thanks Jim! You are welcome to pick up the code and experiment with it…
    You have still 10 days left until X-mas 😉

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  6. Wez

    Hey John, this looks very nice. Just one small comment : when I rotate the text (Path) a bit counterclockwise (in Expression Blend), the snow does not ‘stick’ to the top of the letters “New Year”. That’s all. Great work!

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