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WorldTopo for Windows Mobile 7

In an earlier post I have announced WorldTopo for iPhone made with the DragonFireSDK for Windows in C++. Now I have converted this game to Windows Phone 7 [..]

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My 2010 gadget top 5

This is my personal gadget top 5 for 2010! On my wish list for 2011 are: a Windows Phone 7,  the iPad 2, a new TV with 3D [..]


Playing with my new iPad

This post was written on my new iPad with the WordPress app. I am the very happy owner of a 16GB iPad since last week and I like [..]


Silverlight Wordle updated

I have update my Silverlight Wordle post and added the source code. Enjoy!

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iPhone Game Development in Windows

Yes it is true! With the new DragonFireSDK you can develop iPhone games in Visual Studio with C++. The SDK is very simple and easy to learn and [..]


My entry for the SilverlightShow EcoContest

“We invite you to use your Silverlight skills and imagination to design attractive, educative and informative Silverlight-based applications that help support and promote any kind of environment-friendly activities…” [..]

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Silverlight Circle Twist

Silverlight Circle Twist was inspired by the cool game AlphaBetiC on my iPod Touch and the old Bros demos Circle Twist I and Circle Twist II on the [..]

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Silverlight Deeper Zoom a 10K animation demo

Today I have submitted my entry for the MIX 10K Smart Coding Challenge. I think this competition is so cool and it is very challenging to build something [..]

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Silverlight Star Wars Scroller

Inspired by Jim Wightman and with a jumpstart by the Star Wars Scroller of the Dotneteers, I have created my own Star Wars Scroller. As a bonus my [..]

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Silverlight Snow Storm – Merry X-mas & Happy New Year

Here is a small demo with source code of a Silverlight Snow Storm with sticky snow. The application displays a maximum of 1500 snow flake controls. When the [..]

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