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John Bruinname John Bruin
country The Netherlands
birthday 9 september 1970
occupation Software Engineer @ Ordina
loves Annemieke, music, Commodore 64, gadgets, programming

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  1. Frank Degen

    Hoi John,

    Is het met jou eigengemaakte software voor de panic button ook mogelijk een muisklik in te stellen? Ik wil hem namelijk gebruiken om in een programma de muisklik te activeren, er is voor deze handeling helaas geen sneltoetscombinatie.


  2. John,

    I have a software development proposal for you. An interesting little project, probably wouldn’t take you too much time.

    Would love for you to get in contact so that we can discuss it properly, feel free to email me.

    Jonathan Stroud

  3. Junky

    heey john,

    die panic button heb je die al werkend gekregen op vista 64 bit.. ik krijg hem namelijk niet aan de praat…

  4. Fred van Dam

    Hallo John,
    Mijn complimenten voor de USB panic button software. Helaas krijg ik hem voor mijn panic button niet aan de gang (waarschijnlijk een ander merk).
    Ik wil zelf ermee aan de slag, maar…
    Ik het moeilijk om een soortgelijk programma voor dit voor mijn button te maken?
    Hoe kan ik dit het beste aanpakken?

    Alvast bedankt, Fred

  5. admin

    Hallo Fred,
    welk merk heb je dan? Bij het schrijven van mijn software heb ik dankbaar gebruik gemaakt van de software op deze pagina: http://www.lvr.com/hidpage.htm Wat je in ieder geval nodig hebt is de Product en VendorID van jouw button, die kun je vinden in de device manager.

  6. Fred van Dam

    Hoi John,
    Ik zie niet direct Product en VendorID maar wel iets wat er op lijkt:
    Device Instance ID

    Hardware ID

    Is dit wat je bedoeld?

    Alvast bedankt, Fred

  7. Fred van Dam

    Hallo John,
    Met ChipGenius zie ik het volgende:

    Device Name: +USB Human Interface Device

    PnP Device ID: VID = 2000 PID = BEBA
    Serial Number: 6&&3EBE5AF&&0&&3
    Revision: (Information not returned)

    Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

    Chip Vendor: (No match record)
    Chip Part-Number: (No match record)

    Product Vendor: USB
    Product Model: Human Interface Device

    Tools on Web: (N/A)

  8. harold

    Beste John,

    Ik lees dat jij met de panic buton aardig wat foefjes hebt uitgehaald.
    Wij willen voor ons bedrijf de buton zo activeren dat je terecht komt op onze website. Nu is het niet mogelijk om een internet link aan vast te zetten. Heb jij tips omdat wel te kunnen doen?

    mvg Harold

  9. dsandor

    Hi John, would you ever consider sharing your source for your “Silverlight Fastfood” project? Or at least a portion of it. I am most interested in the clipping animations you used to create the slot machine spool. Very nice.

    David Sandor

  10. Nicholas Piccirello

    Hello, I have recently gotten the Satzuma USB missile launcher. (grey w/ white foam missiles) I have the orginal cd but the drivers and program do not work with windows vista 64 bit. I was wondering if you have heard of or seen a driver and interface for this USB gadget. I would appreciate any help you can provide me.
    Thank you.

  11. Brian

    Hello John!

    I am hoping to use the USB Panic Button hack you created at a Halloween event that I’m putting on for kids. What would really make it great would be the ability for the button to select a random audio file from a particular folder each time the button is pressed. Even better would be if the picture coincided with the audio (Frankenstein photo with Frankenstein audio, Ghost jpg with a ghostly sound, etc.) Any quick fixes or batch files that would do the trick? Thanks so much!

    Brian Wheeler

  12. admin

    Hi Brian, when do you need this software?

  13. Brian

    @admin Hi…so sorry, didn’t notice the reply right away. I was going to try to use it this weekend, but the event is two weekends. I could still use it next weekend if this weekend is too soon. Thanks for the reply. Thank you in advance for anything you can do.

  14. Brian

    By the way, I’d be happy to send you a ‘thank you’ gift if you simply provide me with a means of sending it to you. Thanks again!

  15. admin

    @Brian I have a surprise for you! Just take a look at my latest post. Have a very happy Halloween!

  16. Heather

    Hi John,
    I’m a media artist, and for a new project of mine I would like to hack the USB Panic Button. Before going this route I would like to ask for your feedback and advice. Could you email me and let me know where I could send a few specific questions to you? I can also offer some more info about my project, I just prefer not to mention it here in a comment, before it’s official. 🙂

  17. Christian

    Hi John,
    I’m very interested in getting a few of the USB Panic Button as gifts for a few friends of mine this Christmas. A few of them have Apple macbooks/iMac computers, apart from a reference to using Applescript instead of .bat files, I have not been able to confirm whether the USB Panic Button will work in MacOSX. I’d appreciate any info you can offer on this. Thank you.

  18. admin

    Sorry, it will not work in MacOSX. But I have seen it working on a Mac in a virtual Windows XP machine…

  19. Zo dus als ik dit goed heb voor de USB Panic Button of apparaaten overeenkomend met HID (human interface device) ondersteuning. Kunnen gewoon via de windows API toeghankelijk worden ?
    Als ik dit eerder had geweten 🙂

    Handig deze site >.<!

  20. Greg Roberts


    Thanks for the very useful panic button kit. I am using it to advance Powerpoint.
    However i wanted to expand it to allow a longer hold on the button to pause the slide show.
    The trace reveal a 1 from the USB button ONLY on release (mouse up) which seems strange.

    It seems to be a hardware issue, not a software one ?
    Why have a Panic button that does nothing while the button is down…


  21. @Greg Roberts
    You are right the hardware recognizes one state only…
    It must be cool to do a presentation with the Panic button! I will try that myself soon…

  22. hi John!!
    very big senks about software panic button!!!
    it is great programm)))best regards from Moscow))

  23. Hi John,

    Really liked your section regarding “RandomImageWithSound.exe” but couldn’t get it to run.

    Made folders for ‘commands’ and ‘images’ and one for audio labelled???

    But still nothing, what am i doing wrong here?

    Ultimately I wouldn’t mind running one of my hta’s.

    Using WinXp Pro (SP2) …


    p.s: fyi panic button happens to work on WinME without an .ini

  24. hi john
    i would like to use the button to start the “sparkbooth.com” Photobooth app… The button should only work as a “space key” emulation to start the process. Is there a coded program for this?
    best, jens

  25. davemguru

    Panic Button now recognised under recent Linux Kernels.
    The panic button from “Dream Cheeky” (actually a button marked STRESS) sends scan codes of LSHIFT+LALT+P and is attached by default to the input stream / event device. SO.. with xmodmap one can re-program it to do anything.

  26. Christopher

    Hi John, as a hopeless computer user, I am hoping to purchase one of your panic button devices. I am not very computer savvy, so would you be able to assist me at all in customising the software? Or at least point me in the right direction? Feel free to email me 🙂

  27. hi John,
    I gave a “Dream Cheeky” panic button to a friend and the software is awful so i checked around and found yours! it look awesome and really nice.

    I’m actually trying to configure the button using your code, i seem to have some difficulty since the seem to have a different MyHid.Capabilities.FeatureReportByteLength type .. the device is registered, but no mater if the button is pressed or not ..
    there is no change and nothing seem to be activated no mater what..

    there is 2 button (action) on this device ..
    opening the lid ( and close ) and the main button
    the Vendor ID is 0x1D34 and Product ID is 0x000D
    (already in the code)

    if you can email me .. that could really help me out ..
    thanks you very much
    (Merry Christmas and a happy new year)

  28. Hi John!

    I modded your draughts javascript game:


    Also, Im currently running x86 Windows apps/games on Android thanks to the app “Exagear”


    Thank you!

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