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Do you remember Patatap? It is already 5 years old but still a very impressive web app! A few years ago I decided to make a Commodore 64 [..]

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64Player is a HTML5 music player in the style of the Commodore 64 demo scene. It features: Commodore 64 graphics Low and high pass filters and delay sliders [..]

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HTML5 X2014 release

Last year we attended the X’2014 C64 demo party and it was great! In succession of the 1991 demo we have been working very hard on this X2014 party [..]

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HTML5 1991 Demo – WOOP WOOP!

For the 1991 Party on 16 November 2013, we have made this HTML5 demo with old skool C64 sid music and C64 demoscene effects. It uses the Web [..]

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Silverlight Deeper Zoom a 10K animation demo

Today I have submitted my entry for the MIX 10K Smart Coding Challenge. I think this competition is so cool and it is very challenging to build something [..]

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Silvertyper extended version

In this post I have told you about my entry for the 10K Smart Coding Challenge. My app is doing great in this challenge and there is only [..]

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My entry for the 10K Smart Coding Challenge

During the christmas-holidays I have coded “Silvertyper” a small Silverlight remake of the old dutch Commodore 64 game “Tempo Typen” in under 10Kb of source code for the [..]

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The 8bit Philosophy in a 64bit world

The 8bit Philosophy is a very interesting and entertaining documentary about C64 musicians and remixers and you can download it here. As you can you see and hear [..]

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While I was surfing the internet my attention was immediately drawn by this great C64 inspired song (the video is kinda weird though): MIRANDO by

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Sunday Service

My friend Reyn is pretty famous and did you know he also has his own (internet) radio show!?

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