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Do you remember Patatap? It is already 5 years old but still a very impressive web app! A few years ago I decided to make a Commodore 64 [..]

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Stickers screensaver

With my Stickers Screensaver you can stick hundreds of cool stickers on your laptop without making it sticky! Download it here and unzip it anywhere on your hard [..]

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Silverlight Circle Twist

Silverlight Circle Twist was inspired by the cool game AlphaBetiC on my iPod Touch and the old Bros demos Circle Twist I and Circle Twist II on the [..]

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Silverlight Deeper Zoom a 10K animation demo

Today I have submitted my entry for the MIX 10K Smart Coding Challenge. I think this competition is so cool and it is very challenging to build something [..]

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Silverlight Wordle

Do you know the fantastic Wordle by Jonathan Feinberg? It inspired me to make Silverlight Wordle and I can tell you that it looks much easier than it [..]

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Silverlight MINI Clubman Physics

Andy Beaulieu did some great things with Silverlight 3, the Farseer Physics Engine and behaviors. I have turned his Truck w/Camera demo into the MINI Clubman Physics demo [..]

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Silverlight Stencils

I am a big fan of Banksy and of street art in general AND I am a big fan of Silverlight. And if you mix the two you will [..]

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Carousel – a truly amazing video

Carousel from maxime caron on Vimeo.


I Love Sticker – Silverlight 2.0 source code

Did you like my I Love Stickers post? I was inspired by a 20 year old sticker that I have found when we were moving to our new [..]

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I Love Stickers

Don’t you love this retro sticker design? I have one on my bag and I got it from my mum in the 70’s. And now I have made [..]

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