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Newest software for your USB Panic Button – Windows 10 compatible

This post from 2008 is by far the most popular post on my blog. This alternative software for the USB Panic Button from Jam has stopped working in [..]

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The best gadget of 2012!

Oh man! My AR.Drone 2.0 is really amazing! You have excellent control with your tablet and/or smartphone. You can film your flights with the front HD cam and [..]


My 2010 gadget top 5

This is my personal gadget top 5 for 2010! On my wish list for 2011 are: a Windows Phone 7,  the iPad 2, a new TV with 3D [..]


Playing with my new iPad

This post was written on my new iPad with the WordPress app. I am the very happy owner of a 16GB iPad since last week and I like [..]


iPhone Game Development in Windows

Yes it is true! With the new DragonFireSDK you can develop iPhone games in Visual Studio with C++. The SDK is very simple and easy to learn and [..]


TouchTyper my entry for the Windows DEV7 Contest

This is my entry for the dutch Windows DEV7 Contest. TouchTyper is a touch-enabled WPF remake of my entry for the MIX 10K Smart Coding Challenge called Silvertyper. [..]

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Tros Wondere Wereld on YouTube

Back in the 80’s I really liked to watch Tros Wondere Wereld presented by Chriet Titulaer. Tros Wondere Wereld was a dutch TV program about new technology and [..]


Random Image With Sound for your USB Panic Button

My USB Panic Button software seems to be very popular and I have got this request from Brian: Brian :Hello John! I am hoping to use the USB [..]


I am a Geocacher!

Thanks to Wian I have a new hobby. Geocaching already exists for about 10 years and I was always very interested. Today with the internet, Google maps and mobile [..]


Enter the Matrix

My best friend Wilfred showed me this video yesterday and WOW this is cool and reminds me of the Matrix. World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo. This [..]