iPhone Game Development in Windows

Yes it is true! With the new DragonFireSDK you can develop iPhone games in Visual Studio with C++.

The SDK is very simple and easy to learn and there are some great examples. The iPhone simulator is great and even features emulation of the accelerometer.

The DragonFireSDK is the reason why I have been busy the last weeks on coding my very own iPhone game ‘World Topo’.

World Topo is an educational game to learn topography of the world. You have to guide your plane to famous places and capitals of the world. Your aim is to unlock all 3 levels and fly as far you can before you run out of fuel…

The game features:

  • 3 levels
  • 235 differrent destinations
  • 3 auto pilots per level
  • auto save of your progress and settings


You can download a full demo with the simulator of the release candidate here: https://www.johnbruin.net/files/worldtopo demo.zip

Your comments are very much appreciated!

Have fun!

Here is a screen shot of the game with instructions:


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