I Love Sticker – Silverlight 2.0 source code

Did you like my I Love Stickers post?
I was inspired by a 20 year old sticker that I have found when we were moving to our new house. That sticker is ofcourse based on the famous I love NY logo that was designed in 1977 by Milton Glaser.

For my little Silverlight 2.0 project I have used these resources and tools:

  1. The original I Love NY logo
  2. WhatTheFont! to find out the exact font used in the original logo. Great online tool!
  3. American_Typewriter_Bold_BT.ttf
  4. Paint.NET to crop the heart of the logo
  5. The amazing Open Source vector graphics editor Inkscape to trace the heart and save it as XAML(!)
  6. Expression Blend 2
  7. Visual Studio 2008

You can download the source code here: ILoveSticker.zip

And you can view a live example here: I Love Silverlight

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