Silverlight Wordle

Do you know the fantastic Wordle by Jonathan Feinberg?
It inspired me to make Silverlight Wordle and I can tell you that it looks much easier than it is…

The result is a bit slow and there are still some collision detection bugs but it looks pretty cool, don’t you think!? Try refreshing the page for some random layouts, fonts, and colours!

The beautiful colour palettes come from the site COLOURlovers.
I have borrowed the collision detection from Andy Beaulieu and Laurence Moroney helped me out with his convert-text-to-path webservice.

Furthermore I have developed a very basic word count routine that strips HTML and returns the first X most occurring words from any WebClient stream. I am using an ASP.NET page as a webproxy to be able to process any URL without the need of a clientaccesspolicy.xml file in place.
If you click on a word it will perform a search on this word.

UPDATED July 20, 2010: This new version does not need to use the convert-text-to-path webservice anymore because I use the WriteableBitmap now to render a TextBlock to a Bitmap. So now you can use any font you like! I have also improved the collision detection.

You can download the source code here:

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8 responses to Silverlight Wordle

  1. Bart

    Cool stuff!

  2. …and? How do you export it as a bitmap, like the original Wordle service does?

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  4. admin

    @Christophe Lauer [MS]
    Not… but it is very easy to build in that feature. It was not my intention to copy the original Worlde unless there is really a need for another version?

  5. David O'Brien

    would you consider sharing the code. I’d love to have this in wordpress.

  6. Stefan

    great idea!

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  8. Anil


    Thanks for the great article.

    I am working on the WPF version of the Wordle. Can you help on how this can be achieved in WPf.

    Thanks a lot

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