New software for your USB Panic Button

I have got this gadget last year with Christmas and it looks very cool but with the included software it is pretty useless. It works like a boss key and when you hit it after a short delay it displays a low res chart on your screen…

It was on my “programming-for-fun-todo-list” for a whole year to make my own software for this cool gadget. I have used Jan Axelson’s Generic HID C# example to make it work.

With this new XP and Vista compatible software you can display any picture, play any .wav file and execute any command you want even simultanously. As a bonus I have include some image, sound and command examples, a cool earthquake effect and PowerPoint next slide control. This software requires the .NET 2.0 Framework.

Enjoy! And please drop a comment…

UPDATE 2017-07-23: Finally there is this Newest software for your USB Panic Button – Windows 10 compatible

USB Panic Button

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