New software for your USB Panic Button

I have got this gadget last year with Christmas and it looks very cool but with the included software it is pretty useless. It works like a boss key and when you hit it after a short delay it displays a low res chart on your screen…

It was on my “programming-for-fun-todo-list” for a whole year to make my own software for this cool gadget. I have used Jan Axelson’s Generic HID C# example to make it work. And finally it is here: USB Panic (Updated version 1.1!)

With this new XP and Vista compatible software you can display any picture, play any .wav file and execute any command you want even simultanously. As a bonus I have include some image, sound and command examples, a cool earthquake effect and PowerPoint next slide control. This software requires the .NET 2.0 Framework.

Enjoy! And please drop a comment…

UPDATE 2009-10-06: You can download the source code here:

UPDATE 2017-07-23: Finally there is this Newest software for your USB Panic Button – Windows 10 compatible

USB Panic Button

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189 responses to New software for your USB Panic Button

  1. chris

    @Scott how do I run that?

  2. Kev

    This is great, thank you for writing this. I have small children who get up early. I want to program my media centre to start playing their playlist of tv shows or something so they just have to get out of bed and hit the big red button to begin the media.

    I use EVENTGHOST for a lot of IR-triggered things, I wonder if BRB would be compatible with that. In any event I think I’ll order one of these buttons now that I see your software.

  3. Graham Toal

    Scott – no, I hit a wall and couldn’t see any way to move past it.

    (btw I do now have their rocket launcher as well, for the next hack – playing with Kinect at the moment)

    For my purposes I have a plan B – I have a device left over from my days hacking arcade cabinets, that sends a regular keystroke as if from a keyboard whenever a circuit is made. Bypasses all the USB hacking. So all I need to do is just get the make/break wires off the button. In fact a Staples Easy button would work just as well for this.

    But I’ll definitely come back to the BRB if anyone gets the spiderman version working under linux.


  4. Daniel Devereux

    Hey great program and thanks for doing it saves me figuring it out 😛 great work. tested on XP with batch script works great…. any plans for Ubuntu 😛

  5. If you have the Iron Man stress button from Dream cheeky you can try the windows driver I wrote at

    It also has some details about how it works.

  6. Hi, I’ve a similar, but slightly different controller.

    Vendor ID: 0x1D34
    Product ID: 0x0001

    I’ve had no luck getting it to work any of the solutions on this page. So, how would I go about debugging my device to see what’s actually going on?

  7. Thanks for this info, yours seems to be near the top in a Google search, but this does not work on the DreamCheeky Big Red Button because the USB protocol is slightly different.

    If all you want is to launch an EXE or automate keystrokes from the DreamCheeky Big Red Button, look here: (readme included in the file)

    Why the software included with these USB buttons doesn’t let you launch anything is beyond me, seems they’d sell allot more that way!

  8. Ben

    Amazing – thank you so much! :o)

  9. Nir


    I am looking for a panic button that can execute a batch file and its seems that thats what youve done great work thank.
    only 2 little question
    1. is it windows 7 compatible?
    2. where do i buy the button and what should i do for it to support the changes youve made

    you are a saver – 10x

  10. Fran

    Hi! Such a nice piece of software, much better than the original software. Made me wanna use that gadget again. I just cant make it work.
    The original software works. Your software works when I try the “TEST” button, but the Panic Button doesnt seem to be recognized 🙁
    Any advices? I really wanna have this thing working with your soft 🙂

  11. Fran

    I just found the modified version from Sam for x64 systems.
    Thx to you both, this little gadget its really fun now.
    Not gonna be stored in some box forever now lol

  12. Andrew

    JPElectron I can not get the Software to work with the button, can you please tell me how to get it to work.

  13. Jaska

    Nice feature could be that ‘on button up’ -event, the software could return the time in milliseconds how long button was pressed down and that could be passed as parameter to the executed program.

  14. PJ

    Hi there, is there any code to make this respond as a keyboard hotkey? I’m trying to use it as a trigger for a video recording program set to a webcam. Any info you could give me about this would be appreciated.

  15. Ahmet Alaton

    I want to use it to mimic any key on keyboard. Can I do this anyway.

  16. Sam

    Are people still trying to get this working for key mappings? I built the modified x64 version, so assuming I still have the source I can modify it for keypresses if you like – assuming this is possible in modern windows OS’es (I have to admit i’ve never tried)

  17. displayname34

    I’m looking to get this working on win7 64bit. so far no dice.

  18. Hannu

    I found my old Panic Button but can’t get your app (x86 or x64 version) working on Win 8.1 x64. Anyone been successful with this combination? The button is detected by Windows and reports Vendor ID 1130 and Product ID 0202.

  19. Hannu

    Okay, nevermind. At least the x64 version seems to work fine!

  20. Gary

    Hey thanks for the x64 version Sam. I have 2 monitors is there a way to configure it to show a single large image that span across both monitors at once? At the moment when I push my button it only puts up my pic on the primary monitor and leaves the secondary one as is.


  21. Sam

    Anyone still using this? I’ve just dug out the button again.. so if it doesnt work in Windows 8.1 x64, I’ll fix it to work. Anything else people want it to do while im at it?

  22. nancy mcmahon

    I have the dream cheeky big red button and want to reconfigure to use in my photo booth. I have windows 7. Is there a program I can use? I need it to double click.

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  25. Joe

    Hi Sam,

    Did you ever adjust your code for key mappings? I am running a psychology experiment and it would be great if there were code for key mappings!


  26. Francisco

    Hi. Where can I buy this device…??

  27. Fran


    I just finished installing Win 10 Pro64 and I couldn’t forget to try and make my Panic Button work. But sadly it doesn’t.
    Can you guys look into it and try to fix it? Would love to have it working again.

    Thx for your awesome soft.

  28. Sam

    I’ll have a look at both key mapping and working in Windows 10 x64 tonight if I get a chance.. as I never have tried it yet (it sits on my desk at work as my commit button)

  29. Anders Mechlenburg

    Hi man..

    i have used your software in my bar for a long time now 🙂

    i used it as a beer-clock but sadly my usb button died in a party 🙁

    i ordere a new one but your software do not work with it..

    it’s the dream cheeky stress button i (the original one is out of stock.. 🙁

    my question is can you code the software to work with my new button.. ? becauce i think your software it much better… i can send you the software from this cheeky stress button..


    sorry for my bad english..

  30. Jay

    Any word on the button working on windows 10?

  31. Phil

    Did anyone ever get this to work under win 7 x64? I can’t seem to find software that works with the button.

  32. Fran

    I used to have it running for my Panic Button on Win7 x64 with no problems at all. But still havent gotten it to work on Win10 64. Exe runs and it works when I try the “test” button, but not with the physical “Panic Button” 🙁

  33. I use this program at work, and I am the envy of the entire office… I have it bound to run a little script that goes online a get a special log in key that is rolls over once a day 🙂

    I just changed to Win10, and now I am not able to get this to work… Might have to get my the source code a faff about with it a bit 🙂

  34. I need the modified x64 version for win7 x64? where can I get this.

  35. DC

    I tried in Win7 and it does not seem to trigger.
    Is this as expected?

  36. Finally there is a Windows 10 version!

  37. Finally there is a Windows 10 version!

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