Happy 2019!

2018 was an important year for virtual reality. The hardware is getting better and cheaper. I have bought myself an Oculus Go this year and I think it is great! The development of VR content is also becoming easier and quicker and more fun. Unity 3D is a fantastic tool! But with A-Frame you can develop WebVR for the web that works in almost every modern internet browser! You can not only build VR apps but with the latest versions you can even do augmented or mixed reality, WebXR for the web!

I have built my new year wish for 2019 on Glitch in WebVR with A-Frame with a 3D-model of myself made by FabTabLab in Utrecht. The 3D model was rigged and animated with Mixamo. And the logos and animations were merged in Blender. Ofcourse it works on your phone and Oculus Go too!

Have fun!

HTML5, JavaScript, music

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