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Silverlight MINI Clubman Physics

Andy Beaulieu did some great things with Silverlight 3, the Farseer Physics Engine and behaviors. I have turned his Truck w/Camera demo into the MINI Clubman Physics demo [..]

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Silverlight Stencils

I am a big fan of Banksy and of street art in general AND I am a big fan of Silverlight. And if you mix the two you will [..]

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I Love Sticker – Silverlight 2.0 source code

Did you like my I Love Stickers post? I was inspired by a 20 year old sticker that I have found when we were moving to our new [..]

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I Love Stickers

Don’t you love this retro sticker design? I have one on my bag and I got it from my mum in the 70’s. And now I have made [..]

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Silvertyper extended version

In this post I have told you about my entry for the 10K Smart Coding Challenge. My app is doing great in this challenge and there is only [..]

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Silverlight fastfood

I have always wanted to program this in Flash but I never took the time to learn it. But now there is Silverlight!

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My entry for the 10K Smart Coding Challenge

During the christmas-holidays I have coded “Silvertyper” a small Silverlight remake of the old dutch Commodore 64 game “Tempo Typen” in under 10Kb of source code for the [..]

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