HTML5 fastfood

I have made this fastfood slotmachine earlier in Silverlight here. But nowadays nobody is using Silverlight anymore… A big plus is that this HTML5 version also works on your mobile phones!

Have fun and spin to win!

HTML5, JavaScript


64Player is a HTML5 music player in the style of the Commodore 64 demo scene.

It features:

  • Commodore 64 graphics
  • Low and high pass filters and delay sliders
  • Spectrum and time analyzers
  • VU meter
  • Pixel and vector animations
  • Play local sound files
  • 6 Commodore 64 SID tunes converted to mp3 by Stone Oakvalley’s Authentic SID Collection SOASC= (

64Player uses the <audio> tag and the JavaScript Web Audio API. It works best in Google Chrome in full screen mode (F11) but it also works in other browsers. On iOS add the link to your home screen to make it work!

You can find the source code on GitHub:

Press the power button and have fun!

commodore 64, HTML5

Happy 2017!

I have made this fun HTML5 JavaScript proggy to wish you all a happy new year!
You can also write your own wish with sparkles. Have fun!

HTML5, JavaScript

Ode to The Get Down

Do you know The Get Down on Netflix? It is a musical and colorful tribute to the ’70s hip-hop culture in the Bronx.
I was born in 1970 and the hip-hop and graffiti culture has always fascinated me and I like this TV series very much!
This series is like a cartoon featuring cool famous hip-hop legends like DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash next to new superheroes like Shaolin Fantastic (Shao 007) and Ezekiel (Books) and the mega cool disco villain Cadillac.
It inspired me to make this HTML5 JavaScript demo with sound FX that also works on your phone. Enjoy!

The Get Down screen 1 The Get Down screen 2

HTML5, JavaScript

Visual Audio – My first Windows 10 Universal App

I am very proud to present my first official Windows 10 Universal App: Visual Audio

Visual Audio visualizes audio from your microphone in real-time! The app contains 8 different visualizations like an oscilloscope, VU meter and 3 different spectrum analyzers.

The meters in the app are just for fun and are not meant for real measurement.

The app was build in Visual Studio 2015 and uses NAudio for audio processing and XAML for the graphics and animations.

SpeakerStacked Spectrum AnalyzerDancerOscilloscopeCircular Spectrum AnalyzerWordsVU meterWaveform Spectrum Analyzer


HTML5 X2014 release

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Last year we attended the X’2014 C64 demo party and it was great!
In succession of the 1991 demo we have been working very hard on this X2014 party demo but we have never released it at the party. Finally almost 10 months later I have decided to finish and release it because it’s worth it!
The demo contains some cool C64 inspired 3D animations, graphics and routines accompanied by a great remix of the Ghost’n Goblins Theme by Reyn Ouwehand.

The demo works best in Google Chrome.

Have fun!

commodore 64, HTML5, JavaScript

10×10 Draughts in the browser

About 2 years ago I developed this 10×10 draughts (dammen) in Javascript but I never published it on my blog.
The computer level is not very high but challenging for casual players.
It also works very well on mobile devices.


10x10 Draughts

HTML5, JavaScript

3D Me part II

The HEMA did a test with 3D scanning and 3D printing of visitors in their shop in Amstelveen. The result is simply stunning!

This is the scan:

And this is the result:
3D Me


3D Me

At the Bright Day #3 there was this fabulous installation with 90 cams connected to 90 Raspberry Pi’s from who took this picture from me. The photos were converted to a 3D model with Project Memento and simplified with MeshLab. The viewer is JSC3D and works even on your iPhone!


Around the world – Happy New Year!

The idea behind this small project is to see how New Year is celebrated around the world. The page is showing the current date and time and the most recent Instagram photos posted in major cities in the world. You will be asked to use your geo location to show photos around you.

Happy New Year!


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