Newest software for your USB Panic Button – Windows 10 compatible

This post from 2008 is by far the most popular post on my blog.
This alternative software for the USB Panic Button from Jam has stopped working in Windows 10 so it is finally time for a new version!
This version uses the HidLibrary from Mike O’Brien on NuGet and this made it very easy…
The software depends on Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 which is enabled by default in Windows 10.
Download the zip here: USB Panic Button

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8 responses to Newest software for your USB Panic Button – Windows 10 compatible

  1. Mark

    I have a different USB button that will use a different usb value of the hardware its looking for. Is there a source to this available? or can i give someone the value to hard code into the script? otherwise I have to go have someone script this up for me on this windows 10 machine… thanks.. Mark

  2. Fran

    Hey there,
    I just tried the new software for the Panic Button on my Win10 64, but it doesnt work for me. An exception window pops in an unending loop till im prompted to close the program. Hope you can help me, I was so happy you uploaded the new version but now I’m just left with a not working Button again.

  3. therealgabman

    Hello, I think I have a similiar problem to Mark. I have a the Big Red Button from Dream Cheeky, and it isn’t getting recognised by the software. Any suggestions?


  4. That is right! I am sorry but my software is NOT working with Dream Cheeky button and I don’t have one…

  5. Fredrik

    Hi, thanks a lot for sharing this! Is the source code available somewhere?

  6. Mark

    John, I see Fredrik, and Gabe asked about it, but the newer code that was compatible with 64bit windows, is that code available to I can find the Device ID of my device and swap that from the device ID of the device its hard coded for? I’m running Windows 7 64bit.

  7. Mark

    I’m trying my hardest using the x64 source to make this work with my button. I have come across this info for it.: Its a lynx usb panic button. Same idea just different device id. I think when I tried to modify the x64 souce that had been published before it didn’t seem to connect. I could be doing it completely wrong. I would be willing to pay to have the app modified to work with my button. It would save me time and get these buttons up and running.

    I used USBVIEW to grab this data.

    Device Descriptor:
    bcdUSB: 0x0101

    bDeviceClass: 0x00
    bDeviceSubClass: 0x00
    bDeviceProtocol: 0x00
    bMaxPacketSize0: 0x08 (8)
    idVendor: 0x0C70
    idProduct: 0x077A
    bcdDevice: 0x0000
    iManufacturer: 0x01
    0x0409: “MTSILYNX Div”
    iProduct: 0x02
    0x0409: “LYNX USB Panic button.Version 1.0 ”

    iSerialNumber: 0x03
    0x0409: “V1.0”
    bNumConfigurations: 0x01

    ConnectionStatus: DeviceConnected
    Current Config Value: 0x01
    Device Bus Speed: Full
    Device Address: 0x0B
    Open Pipes: 1

    Endpoint Descriptor:
    bEndpointAddress: 0x81 IN
    Transfer Type: Interrupt
    wMaxPacketSize: 0x0008 (8)
    bInterval: 0x20

  8. protoph

    Hi! Thanks for the software. Could you please post again the link for the “Random Image With Sound” addon?

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